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When Dorothy finally woke up in Kansas, she realized that her house could have been better protected by the weather. Being an HVAC tech after going to one of the Kansas HVAC schools is going to expose you to some of the most extreme and varied weather in the world. Kansas can get hit by a tornado, drenched in a flood, or just subjected to biting cold. Depending on which HVAC school you choose in Kansas, there are an enormous variety of weather conditions that you’re going to face.

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Remember, in the wintertime the weather can get down below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the summer you can have nice hot days that are going to require a full blown air conditioning system to keep the house or business comfortable. If you’re working in a more modern building such as a skyscraper or a high tech building, the HVAC system becomes even more critical. I always remind everyone too that when you work on HVAC systems you’re not just working on people’s comfort, but at times these systems literally can be the difference between life and death.

For someone who’s elderly or for somebody who’s sick, if the temperature gets too cold in the wintertime or too cold in the summertime, then someone’s life can actually be taken purely by the weather conditions they face. When the cold winds blow across the prairies of Kansas in the middle of winter, you’re going to want to an HVAC system that not only keeps people warm, but also keeps people warm effeciently. If they’re wasting too much energy keeping the house hot, or also in the summer keeping the house cold, then they can end up losing a lot of money, and that can be the difference between a family being able to put food on the table or not.

The costs involved in running an inefficient HVAC system also have the potentially fatal consequence of causing someone to not be able to afford their electric and gas bills and having their utilities turned off in the wintertime. There’s been more than one death in the United States from people being too cold in the wintertime after their electric bill turned off, and also deaths by people having their utilities turned off and then having to burn strange things such as wood and coal inside their home to stay warm, which then ends up resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning or the house catching on fire. Make sure when you’re choosing a Kansas HVAC system you do your homework on finding an efficient one and make sure to have it services regularly to check for inefficiencies.